The Wendigo

Don’t mess with Wendigo’s

Wendigos are one of the most common creatures people tend to know when someone mentions the supernatural. I believe it’s because of how interesting they are. Wendigo is a very skinny creature with greyish skin tones for those who don’t know about them. Wendigos are usually human-shaped in their standard form, but they have been known to find ways of looking like something else we would invite into our homes.

Wendigo is our most dangerous predator. These creatures are known for being monsters because of their greediness, obsessions, and selfishness. They like to play with their food, so if you or someone you know feel like something might be watching you, it could be a Wendigo toying with you. Waiting for you to think you are crazy because they love being feared.

According to the book “Finding Faeries” by Alexandra Rowland, there are accounts of humans turning into Wendigos. They claim it happened because humans were starving, driving them to cannibalism. Who knows if this is real, but please do not try this because we don’t want you or others hurting.

My resource was the book “Finding Faeries” by Alexandra Rowland.