The Doors of Your Mind

While reading the book “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark,” I came across a game that I thought might be interesting for people. Yes, this is a ghost game, but it also reminded me of creativity since I am in a class that has made me think about creativity a lot lately.

So, before discussing this game, I thought I should discuss this book first. “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark” is a book by Lucia Peters. This book has 6 chapters that make up the different categories. Then each chapter has four games that match the chapter’s name. The 6 chapters are “Party Games,” “Summoning Spirits,” “High-Stakes Hide-and-Seek,” “Long, Strange Trips,” Contacting the Other Side,” and “Games of Knowledge.” The game I will be talking about today is from chapter 4: “Long Strange Trips.” The Game is called “The Door of Your Mind,” and I found it interesting because it is you going on a journey but within your own mind. So, I feel like the bad things you may see are something you created yourself that you might be ashamed of or are pushing further away in your mind to help you heal. Overall, this book has been fascinating, and I want to play the games, but I don’t want to bring anything terrible near me.

Onto the game! “The Doors of Your Mind” This game has a low-risk level, and hopefully, the reward you get is self-actualization. So, let’s learn how to play! When playing this game, you will want to play with someone else who you are comfortable with. This person is your guide who will lead you through your journey and will be the one which allows you to leave. Next, choose a quiet room to play in, so you won’t get distracted while in this world you’re going too. For supplies you will need the following: A few candles (Doesn’t matter how much), matches or lighter, and an alarm clock. You can bring a pillow as well to help your head, and a recording device, but these aren’t needed.

Onto the game! You can play this game whenever, but most people say it’s better when you feel relaxed. When you feel it is the right moment to play this game, bring your guide and supplies into the room. Make sure the door is closed, and no one will bother you during this. Next, place the candles around your room however you like, and then light them. If recording, I would set that up now, too, and make sure you set the alarm clock for an hour. Next, your guide will sit on the floor crossed-legged, and you will be placing your head on your guide’s lap. This is when you can put a pillow down, so your head is more comfortable. Now close your eyes and allow your guide to rub your temples gently in a circular motion. Make sure your eyes stay closed the whole time and focus on the sensation of your guide’s moments. Allow yourself to relax and drift into your mind. Once your guide senses you are relaxed, they need to do one of the following. They can say, “You are at the end of a long corridor. Many doors line this hallway. They extend up and down the entire length, as far as the eye can see. Behind each door is a room. Bein exploring these doors; begin exploring these rooms. Describe everything you see, touch, hear, taste, and smell as you go.” Another thing they might say is “Red door, yellow door, any other color door,” or they can say “Seven doors, seven doors” for a while before asking you what you see. Make sure your eyes are still closed but allow your mind’s eye to open and describe what you see to your guide. Take note of everything you see, and take note of yourself as well, because everything might be different. Do not leave any details out while talking to your guide. They need to know about everything you see and everything you do.

While exploring this corridor with doors, you can do whatever you want. You can decide to just walk up and down the corridor, open the doors, etc. Let’s say you want to open a door, though. Take note about what the door looks like, how you open it if it tells you about the room before you even enter, etc. If the door is locked, is there a key in your pocket? If so, try it, and leave the door alone if it doesn’t work. Never try to force the door open. If you open a door and it’s just darkness, close that door immediately. If you open a door and it’s full of clocks, leave and close the door immediately. If you open a door with a man in a suit, don’t speak to him and let your guide know immediately. Leave the room and block the door if you can while your guide tries to end the session. When your alarm goes off, this is your guide’s cue to end your session and bring you back into the physical world. They can say whatever to do this, but make sure all the doors you open are closed, and while leaving this state, you should see the corridor receding into the distance. Now, close your mind’s eye and open your eyes to see the physical world again. Welcome back; you can turn off any recording devices if you used them, put out the candles, and take in what just happened.

So, let’s say you do this and when you open your mind’s eye and don’t see the corridor or doors, tell your guide! You need to leave this space immediately. Also, it is possible to become locked or trapped in a room, and if this happens, tell your guide so they can get you out. Also, check yourself because you might have something to let you out. Lastly, do not stay there for longer than an hour; watch your step, and be careful. Sometimes you can’t always protect yourself from the things you might encounter.

My resource for this was the book “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark” by Lucia Peters. The back of this book does tell you how you shouldn’t play any of these games in a place you call home, in case you bring something that doesn’t want to leave. So, keep this in mind if deciding to play this game. Enjoy…