The Answer Man

Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark

I have talked about one game from the book “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark” which was called “The Doors of your Mind”, and I thought why not share more ghost games.

So, before discussing the game, I thought I should discuss this book first. “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark” is a book by Lucia Peters. This book has 6 chapters that make up the different categories. Then each chapter has four games that match the chapter’s name. The 6 chapters are “Party Games,” “Summoning Spirits,” “High-Stakes Hide-and-Seek,” “Long, Strange Trips,” Contacting the Other Side,” and “Games of Knowledge.” The game I will be talking about today is from chapter 1: “Party Games.” This game is called “The Answer Man” and let me tell you, it is pretty intriguing.

The risk level for this game is high; the objective is to call the Answer Man. Ask him some questions and answer some questions in return. There are no additional warnings, and the reward is information. Can you guess what this game is called? If you guessed the Answered Man, you are correct. People believe this game has been developed relatively recently only because it requires the use of mobile phones, so people believe it was created in the early 2000s. You will need ten people to try and call the Answer Man for this game. How many people are needed makes this game considered a party game. When you do this, remember, do not attempt this game with more and less than ten players; honestly, don’t try it at all unless you are ready for what the Answer man has in store for you.

When playing the game, you will need to find a quiet place for you and nine others to play in. The supplies you will need are ten people and ten phones (preferable disposable phones since you have to destroy them afterward). Form a circle, and have each player give their phone number to the person on their right. Count to three, and on three, have the players call the person on their left. Now one of two things may happen. Either all the players will receive a busy signal, or nine will receive a busy signal. If the first one happens, the game has failed, and try again at a different time, but still destroy the phones if he is there. If the second option happens, you are in. The person who doesn’t have a busy signal is about to get a call from the Answer Man, and they should be prepared to ask him some questions. Once the Answer Man is there, it will be a question for a question. He can ask you a question once you have asked a question. When answering his questions, do not lie, do not conveniently leave anything out from your response, do not attempt to spin the truth, and do not answer incorrectly. Otherwise, you might start to feel an odd physical sensation in some part of your body. When you are done talking to the Answer Man, thank him for his time, and tell him how you now have to go. The Answer Man may not like this and try to keep you on the line by offering free information to you. Please do not accept this offer, do not believe him, and don’t agree to stay on the phone. But don’t hang up; continue thanking him till he hangs up. Once he has, he destroys all the phones, so you don’t leave the line open.

Please, if you play this game, be safe, and follow all instructions. I got all my information from the book “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark” by Lucia Peters.