Spell Casting (But with days of the week)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Sunday! The first day of the week, to some and others, is the last day of the week. Sunday represents the sun, believe it or not, and is even the best day for performing or casting spells when achieving personal goals. The color for Sunday is gold.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Monday represents the moon. With the color being silver for this day. If you decided to do some spell casting on a Monday, it is perfect for spells relating to healing and family.

Tuesday is known to represent the planet Mars! Which makes Tuesday’s color red. The best spells to cast on a Tuesday afternoon would have to be those relating to passion. This does not mean it has to be love; it could also be a hobby or a goal you are passionate about completing.

Wednesday represents the planet Mercury, with the color being yellow. This is a good day for casting spells that can add more money to your pocket or lead you toward earning more.

Thursday represents the planet Jupiter! Also, the color is blue for Thursday. Thursday is an excellent day for casting spells relating to partnerships. These partnerships can be personal relationships or professional ones. It’s also great for learning and/or gaining wisdom.

Friday represents the planet Venus. This day is also associated with the color pink, which may hint at what it helps with. Friday is the perfect day if you need to do any spells relating to love. It can also be great for spells relating to fertility and creativity.

Lastly, we have Saturday, one of the people’s favorite days, usually because they don’t work this day. This day represents our home planet, Earth, and the color is brown for Saturdays. It is an excellent day for casting spells related to fresh starts and ending bad habits.

Ember days appear only 4 times per year! Witches tend to be the most powerful these days, but they are also the most vulnerable due to malicious spirits. These 4 days are great for spells that include protection.

Halloween is another important day for all the witches in the world! Why is that, you may wonder? It is because it has to do with the pagans’ new year. This day is best for performing any spells related to reaching goals for the upcoming year. These goals can be personal or professional.

I hope this information is usually to you all, but please remember to be safe. Casting spells is not something to play around with. I got all my information from “The Little Book of Witchcraft” by Andrews McMeel.