Musical Chairs Alone…

Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark

The risk level is medium, the objective is to play a game of musical chairs with an unusual visitor, the additional warnings are fire, and the reward is none. Can you guess the name of this game? If you said musical chairs alone, you are correct. Now let’s play this game or learn how to. First, you will need to select a room for your playing space. The room must be quiet and dark and try to have it be empty. Next, you will need a chair, match, clock/watch, and a device that can play a song. Wait shortly before midnight before starting, then set up your playing space. Make sure your windows are blocked, so no light from the outside can get into the room. Place your chair in the middle of the room, turn off the lights, and have the song ready to play. Before you start doing anything, make sure you hold the match, but don’t light anything yet. When the clock strikes midnight, turn on your song, and start going around your chair. You will need to do this six times, remember only six times, and listen to your song. You need to take note of if it’s still playing or not. After going around your chair six times, listen carefully to the room. If the song is still playing, something is in the room with you, but it doesn’t want to play. So, turn off your song, turn the lights on, and you can try again at another time. If the song has stopped, sit in your chair as quickly as possible and light that match. If you light the match, you have won; if not, you didn’t sit down fast enough. The ghost beat you, and you need to leave that room immediately. Don’t look bad into the room, don’t look at the chair, and don’t return until the sun has risen. Also, if you are doing this and the chair falls on its own, leave immediately, and don’t look back into that room, don’t look at the chair, and don’t ever return to that room.

I have talked about two games from the book “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark” called “The Doors of your Mind,” I thought, why not share more ghost games. This Game came from Chapter 5: “Contacting the Other Side.”

Please, if you play this game, be safe, and follow all instructions. I got all my information from the book “Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark” by Lucia Peters.