Magic Wands


Hey guys! I thought I would talk about something a little different than creatures, board games, etc., and instead talk about wands!

When someone decides to make one themselves, there are many different versions of wands. The best wand can sometimes be a branch found on the ground, but make sure you thank the woods and nature for it. Otherwise, it may not want to work for you.

When trying to figure out what type of tree branch is right for your wand, you can consider these options to help: Apple goes along with love and family. Ash goes with clairvoyance and good fortune. Beech will be suitable for wisdom. Blackthorn is for protection. Chestnut helps with balance. Cypress is great for communication with the dead. Hazel is excellent for healing and wisdom as well. Oak is known for strength. Rowan is known for protection and clairvoyance as well. Lastly, willow is excellent for healing.

Never use green wood! Mainly because your wand will probably crack and not work!

When preparing your wand, you must remove any leaves on your branch. Then make sure you dry it out (Some people will just store it inside their house or in a bin). After it has dried, remove all the bark and try to smooth the wood as best as possible. Then you have your wand. For optional choices, you can add a crystal to the tip of it to make it stronger, and some witches will carve symbols into it (Which is also making it more substantial).

So, if you want to make a wand and try it out, I say go for it, but please be careful and don’t use it for harm! I got all my information from “The Little Book of Witchcraft” by Andrews McMeel.