Ghost, Demons, Spirits, and more…

Hey everyone! My name is Keann, and this website will be about the unknown in our world and maybe other worlds we can’t see. I have decided to do this topic because I want to do more reading this summer, and I recently got many books about the horrors in Maine and other general ghost stories. So, having ghosts be my topic will help me with my goal of reading those books and maybe more that I will discover along the way. I also think it might intrigue others and maybe spark some questions for others that will make them head down this path as well.

So, why ghost, you may ask. Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the things we might not be able to see or the things that we possibly can’t explain. It made me want to dive deeper into this unknown world and learn more about what could be out there, so close to us yet they are still so far away. So, this is a way I will be able to do this, which makes me very excited because I have wanted to dive deeper into this world for a while now but feel like I don’t have the time. Making this the perfect topic. My plan is to read my books, talk about them, read articles, and maybe even visit a place to check them out for myself. Overall, this will help me with my reading goal since I would love to get back into reading.

Timeline: I plan to post something to this blog weekly, hopefully with pictures and good descriptions of what story, creature, place, etc. I am talking about. This means I also plan to work on this project quite a bit since it requires me to do readings and maybe even check out locations in Maine. How you guys can help: If there is anything you are more curious about or want to learn more about, please let me know because I love talking about these topics, and I will gladly explain more about something or try to explain more about it.

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