We haven’t done a creature in a while, so we might see a few more of these types of pages. Dryads are interesting because I find they aren’t talked about a lot when people talk about unknown creatures. Some people also know dryads as tree spirits due to the way they look.

Dryads look more like a female and display a more plant-like look that helps them blend into the trees.

Dryads live in trees and tend to move from tree to tree because of deforestation. They have a hard time finding safe areas for their colonies to stay. Due to deforestation, sometimes dryad colonies end up in small areas with other dryad colonies. This can cause either illness or violence for the colonies.

Trees that grow back near two different colonies will end up being less healthy, impacting that forest’s entire food chain.

The Amazon rainforest is one of the best places for dryads to live. For a tree to be good for a dryad colony, the tree is usually around twenty to thirty years old. The bigger the tree, the better the living environment dryads have.

I got all my information from the book “Finding Faeries” by Alexandra Rowland.