Deer Woman

Deer women are native to the eastern woodlands and the Midwest. They look like the form of a woman but with the lower half of their body looking like a deer.

Some people believe deer women came from human women who endured a sexual assault and were murdered. After her murder, she gained powers that turned her into a deer woman.

People believe that story because of how deer women treat females and males. They tend to be kinder towards women but violent towards males.

They like to help women who seek them out for assistance. Some things they help females with are love, fertility, or revenge against males that have already harmed them.

When hunting a male, they try to lure them deep into the woods with their beauty, where she will crush them repeatedly with her hooves. She might instead put a curse on them for a slow death.

Be careful if you come across one because who knows what it might be in the mood for. All my information came from the book “Finding Faeries” by Alexandra Rowland.