Chakras and Spells

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What is a chakra?

First off, what is a chakra? Chakras are what witches believe to be their inner power spots within themselves. Meaning it is the energy points in our bodies.

First, we have the crown, which is the top of our heads. This has to do with spirituality. It can also be a part of our inner and outer beauty. The color for the crown is violet.

Second, we have the Brow. Many people know this but by the name of “third eye.” So this is located in the middle of your forehead, just above your eyes. It relates to psychic abilities and our intuition. The color for the brow is indigo.

Next up, we have the throat. The throat relates to three different things: self-expression, communication, and creativity. The color of the throat is blue.

The heart is up next, but what does it relate to, you might ask. Well, I bet you can guess because it’s got to do with love. Yet the color of the heart is green.

The solar plexus is after the heart and what is the solar plexus. This is our naval. It relates to our inner power and strength. The color of the solar plexus is yellow.

Second, to last for the chakras is the sacral. The sacral for men is their prostate, while for women, it is their ovaries. Can you guess what it relates to? If you thought sexual health, then you are right! It also relates to emotional balance, and the color is orange for the sacral.

Lastly, we have the root, which is our tailbones. (I would have guessed our feet), and this relates to balance and being grounded. The color of the root is red.

I got all my information from “The Little Book of Witchcraft” By Andrews McMeel.