Hello, world! This is Keann, and I thought I might write a short introduction about myself. I am currently in college going for elementary education; I live in Maine and love to go camping, walk, relax by the water, and hang out with friends. My passions are music, the unknown, decorating, and some more.

I choose the topic of the unknown because of the fascination I have with this topic. I believe there are things that we simply don’t know much about, but it is there. It might be daunting or exciting, but this world should be taken seriously. I think people make this topic a joke, but if people’s stories are true, this world is much more dangerous.

So, a thing I love to do now is going to Bull Moose and buy some books. They have a vast selection, but I always end up in their alternative worlds section. In this section, I found books like “Finding Faeries,” “I Know What I Saw,” Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark,” “Weird Ghosts,” “A Practical Guide to The Runes,” and some more. They have some great information, and the stories are very intriguing.

Overall, this website/blog is all about the world of the unknown. This is primarily so I can thoroughly read the books I got, and I want to get back into reading, which helps me out. For anyone randomly stumbling onto this page, this is being made for a class assignment, but who knows. Maybe it will end up being more than that…